Why a bespoke website you ask?

Bespoke (pronounced bee-SPOHK) is a term used for an individually - or custom-made product or service.
Traditionally applied to custom-tailored clothing, the term has been extended to information technology, especially for software consulting services. Typically, software consulting companies offer packaged (already invented and generally applicable) software and bespoke software for client needs that can't be satisfied by packaged software, for example Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix etc.

Why not get a packaged website?

Many 'instant' content management systems such as WordPress, Squarespace or Wix will seem easy, attractive and cheap - the price should be your first warning, beacause as you know, you only get what you pay for!

It can get messy!

If you want to customize your prebuilt website so that it's not like all the others you may find it gets both tricky & more costs come your way.

  • Many of these platforms will limit the amount of designs available.
  • Limits to how much of THEIR design you can change! (coding experience required) - no, it's not YOURS.
  • Online payment systems may not be available in your country.
  • Moving content, widgets, or other on screen items may not be possible.
  • Hosted platforms may not allow your product type.
  • Important: Should you decide to move your website, you do not own anything.
  • Important: Should they discontinue their service, you get nothing.


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