Terms & Conditions

Design and Supply of Website Materials

The Client must supply any required website content (images, copy, and web site content) to netfuel in a condition that is "site-ready". This means it will require no additional manipulation on the part of netfuel unless arranged. If we are required to manipulate the content, and this is outside the scope of the supplied proposal, we will provide a costing quote to achieve this.

After you sign off provided documents, any changes that fall outside of the scope of said document will be charged at a rate of $80.00 per hour billable in 15min blocks, unless a prior arrangement has been made. Please note that design iterations will be limited to 3 under said document, any more than 3 iterations will fall outside of the scope of the document and will be charged as above.


A 40% (non refundable) deposit is required, this must be paid in advance prior to work commencing, unless prior arrangements have been made. The balance payment must be paid upon website completion. You will have full rights to use the website and content once all payments have been made (please note this does not include netfuel IP core files).


Hosting is invoiced monthly unless otherwise arranged. Invoicing is 25th of each month. Hosting Invoices cover the previous month to the 25th. Domain payment are invoiced annually with the hosting invoice the month before your domain is due to expire, so we can purchase and make payment when the Domain becomes due, this prevents any disruption of service. All pricing is subject to change.

Email Accounts

Email accounts come with 1GB of email storage. We do not accept responsibility if you reach this limit or any resulting data being lost from the server.
It is the customers responsibility at all times to maintain valid backups of emails and any attached files. While we do provide daily backups of data on our server these backups are only stored for 8 days and will be over written after this.
Extra storage space can be purchased should you require this please contact us to discuss.

Please note we are no longer offering account based email, however we can redirect your domain email to another email provider.
Eg: info@yourdomain.co.nz (FWDs to) yourname@gmail.com


Full payment of all invoices is due within 7 days from date of invoice. Failure to pay invoices within the 7 days may result in interuption of service (services will be restored upon payment of invoice) A late penalty fee of $10.00 will be added to the following months invoice. Failure to pay invoices outstanding within 60 days will result in the engagement of a debt collection agency, which may result in the collection agency expenses being added to your outstanding debt.

Account Closure

Should you close your account with us we require 7 days written notification. Any files you may require including domain UDIA will be released to you upon payment of your final Invoice. Please note that a account closure fee of $80.00 applies.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge for excess correspondence or correspondence outside of office hours 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.